I just took some photos of my messy workspace with all my projects laid out all willy nilly...waiting for me to BUY GLUE. Totally ran out. Tried ZipDry...didn't hate it. Anyway, my .jpg's are truncated or some shit...Jennifer told me that I'm a dork who needs to reformat her memory card. picture. BUT...I've finished my big 30 card project and I'm starting on a mini accordion album for a I'll have lots of stuff to show you over the next week.

In the meantime, check out Carolyn King's amazing blog and the biggest blog candy I've ever had the pleasure of drooling over.

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Jennifer Love said...

Also, check what file your camera is saving the photos as. If .raw, then change it to .jpg.

If you check the file save and it is okay and you reformat the card, it may be that the card is just worn out. What type is it and I'll look around and see if I have a replacement though they are pretty cheap these days.