oh, how i've neglected you!

I have no excuse...well, really I have 40 excuses, every week! This working this is really cutting into my creative time!

I have been cuttin' and gluin' this weekend though! I made 30 cards for 3 sets of 10 for my dear friend, HoneyD. I'll photograph them tomorrow, when the light is good and turn 'em into TEN posts (because I made 3 each of 10 designs). That is, unless HoneyD wishes for me not to share, I guess I should ask.

On another note, I've recently reconnected via Facebook with a handful of girls that I ran around with in high school. And seriously, I thought all that old inadequacy was behind me. It is not! I feel just the same as I did back then, only now it confuses me...then it just felt normal. LOL

Until tomorrow, my blogging friends. :)



Jennifer Love said...

I'll be waiting for those posts. *taps foot* actually TALK to people on Facebook? That is weird. heh

Lauri said...

Hey, don't let the old high school stuff get you down!!! I am 50 and just reconnected with a couple of NEVER goes away, just put it in perspective!

HoneyD said...

of course you can show them off! I can't believe you got them done already wooo!! can't wait to see them

Lauri said...

So here is what you get for neglecting your readers...a Tag! Check it out at my blog!