Some Coloring, A Revelation and an ENABLE

First things first, Starving Artistamps is having a hella good give away! Go see it!

I recently acquired the Koh I Noor pencils. They are dreamy! I blend them with good ol' GooGone and I adore the effects I can achieve.

I also have my old standby--water colors. Again, LOVE the effects I can achieve with them and a simple water brush.

I also have set 36a of the Copic Ciaos. I do not enjoy the Copics. I can't achieve the effects I'd hoped to achieve, with the Copics. I haven't tried them on every paper with every ink, but I'm pretty sure I'm not going to bother.

In a few minutes I can color and blend or water color my image and it turns out smashing every time. I've posted, maybe, 2 cards that I've used my Copics on, simply because I don't like the way my images turn out. I can get way cooler effects and blends with 24 KIN's or 24 water colors than I can with 40 Copics (I have 3 extra colors of Sketch markers and I have a colorless blender).

I never smear Lily or Milo's dots when I pencil them. I ALWAYS smear them when I marker them.

I think this is a sign from above and also a sign of my impatience, ha.

The snow lady is from Prickley Pear Stamps, and it was in a PIF I received from Jennifer at Glitter In My Hair. I almost sent it to Jennifer at Cuppy Cake, because she has a thing for snowpeople, but I'm so glad I kept it! It's adorable. (I wasn't using a stamping pad when I stamped this one--my table is all crooked and I don't get a good image if I'm not stamping on my piercing mat) She is colored in with Copics and it's boring, yes?

The other two are colored in with Koh I Noor woodless color pencils and blended with GooGone! (They are, of course, Rachelle Anne Miller stamps, I got them at Sweet N Sassy Stamps)I did color in their flesh with E00 from my Copics, and as you can see, smeary faces all over the floor! I'm giving up the ghost. KIN's and water color pencils all the way for me, my Copics are goin' back to the factory!

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Dawny P said...

Hey Mary Dawn. I am so with you on the water colouring. After several weeks of dithering about, I finally bought me some Prisma pencils - cost just under £40. And you know what, I cannot get used to them and much prefer my water colours - cost £5!!! So there ya go. We cant both be wrong hunny xxxx

Danyelle Kessler said...

Lily and Milo look fantastic! I love the coloring of their hair. Thanks for the revelation, because I was on the fence about getting copics. I do pretty well with just stampin' write markers, but I had seen so many amazing things colored with copics....I wanted a set. Now I think I'll stick with what I have. They sound like a headache!

Jessica said...

Those images are absolutely beautiful!!!

Jennifer Love said...

Well, I'm a coloring HO. I love Copics, watercolors, pencils, crayons, nail polish, ink pens...I just love coloring. :D

Oh yes and send me some snowlady images, kthx. hehe!

Jennifer Love said...

Oh I forgot chalks...and uhm, glitter...yes. I love glitter.

Lori Barnett said...

I know this is a little late...but it sound like the smearing is probably the kind of ink you are stamping with. Adirondak Pitch Black, Memento Tuxedo Black both work and don't smear. I've colored tons with Prismacolor Markers (a few times with Copic too) and Prismacolor markers will also smear just like Copic unless you use the proper ink to stamp your image. It's just like when you have to use a waterproof ink to stamp your image. Like would be much better if there was 1 ink that worked with everything :)

I got the Koh I NOor pencils at JoAnns. AWESOME! They were 12.99 for the 24 pack and I got them 1/2 off with a coupon!!! yippee!!!