3 things i wish every blogger would do:

1) publish the full feed...yes, i may be a princess, but it makes it so much easier to read you in my reader if the whole thing is there...think about it, because i may decide not to follow you at all if you're the only one that only offers me a partial feed...i don't have an unlimited amount of blog trolling time

2)say "NO" to word verification...i, the reader, am your customer...i shouldn't be doing all the work, you should...if you have to delete a few spam comments, so what, click click click...i guarantee you'll get more real comments than spam

3)i really don't have 3, 3 just sounded better...

...what about you guys, what do you wish every blogger would do (to make your life easier)?

**EDIT be sure and read the comments, there are some goodies...and i just thought of another one!



Allison said...

Ha ha! Yay!

I wish every blogger would learn how to spell before they created a fancy graphical header. You are never scraping...if you are, you are doing it wrong.

Jackie said...

Yes, all of the above! And learn the difference between stationery and stationary...sigh. I love it when they publish the full feeds but did you know that if you use Firefox you can get a plugin for the Google Reader called BetterGReader and it will allow you to preview the blog right there in the reader? Still an extra step, though. Why don't people do the full feed anyway?

Kelly said...

I am SO with you on all these. OMG!

Godelieve said...

I wish every blogger would check the little "show my email address" box in their profiles, so I can contact them if they asked me questions.

Nancy ~ Inkcicles said...

Exactly!!! This happened just today. I really want to email some of my commenters to express my gratitude for stopping by but there isn't an email address anywhere to respond to. Godelieve's addition summed up my three. That's your two plus Godelieve's equals three.

I would of never thought to post this. Way to go Mary!

Mary Dawn said...

allison! you're so right

and jackie, thanks for the tip

godelieve, i think that may be the number 3 i should have added, i'd love to respond to each commenter in an email, and usually i can't

thanks, all of for the feedback...i was a little afraid i'd get lambasted for this one LOL

Virginia L. said...

THAT is exactly my sentiment, Mary! I have stopped asking my commenters to do the word verifications... what a nonsense! I don't mind deleting the "inappropriate" ones (like "I hate your ugly card"...I haven't got that....yet-LOL)! I am with you-totally!!

Aimee said...

I also hate partial posts in feeds (especially when the only content in the post is a photograph). I never click through to the full feed, and I usually end up unsubscribing.

Also I have a pet peeve with blog music. I'm usually watching (or listening) to Hulu or Pandora and I don't want to be disrupted by blog music. I also don't want to have to hunt around for the mute button on your website, I'll just hit the back button instead and never come back.

Wow, I sound really harsh!! LOL

Ok one more thing, big huge blog headers drive me crazy.

I'm so glad I'm not alone!!! :)

leslie said...

Caution: Sounds ranty, but I'm just agreeing with all of you!

I'm with you on the full feed thing. I tend to just not read them at all, or I click on the main blog and read what I want. I think people who are into clicks and hit counts do this to make you go to their site. Not.

I have word verification, as do most of the blogs I read, but I just make it fun. Use the word in a sentence! If I had a bazillion comments, I wouldn't worry about it, but with the one or two comments I get, I don't need spam, and I've had some.

NO STINKIN' MUSIC! I am most apt to leave a blog once the sound kicks in. If YOU want music, YOU listen to it. Do not presume *I* like to hear it.

And I agree that if a blogger wants readers, they should provide an email address in their profile. Make one up and only use it for the blog questions - it's free. If you ahve a blog, you are already 'out there', so have fun with it!

Too bad most peole who offend the collecive "we" won't see these WONDEROUS comments. ;-)

leslie said...

PS: Virgina L - I would not even mind an "I hate your card" comment! What I DO mind is having to remove things like, "click here to buy blah blah blah". I will not allow that (and have had some), and quite honestly, I don't have the time to police it.

mudmaven said...

Oh WOW everyone has great ideas. Jackie - that feature also lets you leave comments in the preview as well as see it all. I like being able to see it and if I want to comment then I can hit preview and add my 2 pennies worth. I am in agreement with everything everyone is saying - I have taken verification off my blog and the occasional spam that I get just gets deleted forever (love that option - makes me feel like I'm in total control - LOL). Music is dangerous for me as I read at work and sometimes it comes through really loud and usually is inappropriate! Thanks for opening this discussion! ~chris

Mary Dawn said...

gigantor blog headers drive me nuts too, aimee!

leslie, i do think some of blogger's captchas are funny, but it still gets on my damn nerves LOL

Juls said...


I have no idea what a full feed If I am not doing it I am so sorry....I think I have turned my word verification off..but as I don't leave a comment on my own blog I don't know if I have or not. So if any one fancies popping across to let me know If I have done it right it would be much appreciated.

My spelling is atrocious...but I don't think there is much I can do about that one sorry..It already takes me long enough to keep up with blogging without dragging the dictionary out too!!

I am with everyone on the music thing!!

Hugs Juls

Mary Dawn said...

ok, better greader is like an addon i had a lohong time ago with greasemonkey, woohoo, thanks jackie and chris--not having to leave google reader to comment makes this princess very happy LOL

and juls, you don't have word verification, just comment moderation...which totally doesn't get on my nerves (in case you care LOL) and you spelling is fine

Heather the MooseLover said...

I agree with you on it all! Well said. I thought I was only one bothered by the blare of music drowning out my Hulu shows. I actually removed word verification from my blog a short time ago. I definitely have more spam comments but nothing I can't handle with the delete key.

Lisa said...

I could have written this post. Partial feeds make me INSANE. And they really make me want to unsubscribe. I usually do, I'm just down to two blogs w/ partial feeds. Music = Lisa goes crazy.


Courtney Baker said...

Totally agree!

Louise Sutton said...

I'm not alone! Can I add a little rant about too many flashing sparkly epilepsy-inducing blinkies? One or two = cute and fun. 50 makes me want to hurt someone.

Ree Donnelly said...

Couldn't agree more!

ESPECIALLY the music!

dustypenny said...

So wishing more people would see this! Definitely makes commenting easier without the word verifications, etc.!