Happy Birthday, HoneyD

Donna ok'd me posting her birthday gift early...just like I knew she would. But since I 'ruined' her Christmas, I thought I'd give her the choice for her birthday.

I bought this MFT stamp set specifically with Donna in mind. She's a big book nerd and I thought it'd fit her to a "T".

The card bases are PTI vanilla and the patterned paper is Pink Armadillo from The Paper Studio (is it apparent that I'm diggin' on this pad of paper?). I used my Nestabilities to cut out Flopsey and frame him with scallops. I colored him in with my KIN's and Prismacolors. I'm really happy with how they turned out, I hope Donna loves them. Oh, there's a set of 6, 3 of each design and I just tied them up in some gorgeous Martha Stewart ribbon, like you might tie up love letters.

Happy Birthday, my dear dear friend.


HoneyD said...

god Mary Dawn they are so cute! and yes the nerdy reader is so me like you know! thank you my best friend. You are so special and you spoil me. I love you!

Oliver & Kelly said...

awww! I totally think I should be getting cards for my birthday too!