oh, ye of little faith

look here, bitches, i'm blogging...i've lost the ability to capitalize or punctuate but I'M. BLOGGING. ( i didn't think it'd happen this soon either, frankly )

at work, we received these wretched calendars made of cheap paper with a GIANT magnification of blood--i work for a medical products distributor as a customer service rep. anyway, one of my teammates is grossed out by the blood so i offered to cover hers up with pretty paper and such. there is no picture of that one, but i did two more covers tonight for other teammates.

the first one is bazzill cardstock (omg, love, triple love) and basic grey offbeat, the 2009 is martha stewart sans serif clear alpha, ink is brilliance. the second one, besides having a story is colorbok (omg, so don't love compared to the wonder that is bazzill) and basic grey mellow, the rubons are american crafts and the buttons are from my stash.

i love how these are turning out and i'll have more to share tomorrow, i'm making one for myself and one more for another friend at work. they get adhered at work, that calendar there is mine just for measuring and templating.

i learned this technique from an online tutorial by angie kennedy juda of chic n'scratch.


Joy said...

I love the circles on the grey cover....sooo pretty.

It's a wonderful idea to cover the ugly cover!

Rachel said...

I LOVE the gray one too, so pretty!

Danyelle Kessler said...

You go girl! That is the coolest idea.

Anonymous said...
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