My World...Crashing Down

My husband and I rearranged pretty much the entire house (both rooms, heh) today and when he finally got finished setting up the new corner for the computers office, my beast of a machine was not working. I started taking a mental inventory of all of the music, digital stamps, blog designs and family photos I have on it and I died a little inside.

I said a little prayer to the angels of computing and went to pick up the children from daycare. On the way, I asked the hubs questions like: is it unheard of for a crashed computer to come back to life?

I'm sure he wanted to leave me on the side of the road, but he bit his tongue and kept on rolling.

Well, when we got home, she fired right up. I laughed gleefully and rolled him out of my spot so I could check my mail and my google reader!

That was a very close call, ladies.

I'll be backing up my music, digital stamps, family photos and blog designs in the next few days--probably in that order.

I'll have a card to share tomorrow.

Take care, everyone.

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Lauri said...

back everything up!!!!! now!!!!!!! I would have been pretty upset...hey, now that you mention it, I should probably back up my laptop....

; )