I Made A Card!

It was really cute, I covered a bunch of chipboard letters and I used my SU! cardstock for the first time! Where's the picture? Didn't take one. I know...what kind of blogger am I?

I'm inspired daily, and I LOVE comin' home to you, bloggers. I just haven't had a chance to straighten up the ol' stampin' corner yet.

I made the gorgeous card with all the letters on my bed...there is now glue on my bedspread. It's ok, it was cheaper than cheap.

Have a great weekend, girls, and hopefully when training is over next week, I'll have a chance to make some know what i mean.

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Jennifer Love said...

::taps foot impatiently::

Lauri said...

yay! glad you had a chance to get glue all over everything!!! I guess I will just have to live with the picture of your card in my! It is gorgeous!!