Long Time, No Blog, Right?

Ok, I'm kinda over blogging right now. I'm over alot of things. Heh.

I'm so over stamping, yo. I'm a dork who can't walk straight and I thought I could stamp straight. I might get a Stamp-A-Mathingy with my coupon this week, but I'll probably fark that up too.

I should get non-runny ink, actually. That's what has me bummed. I smear sweet, whimsical Lily's face every time I touch her with a Copic E00. Meh.

I made eight cards tonight, samples for an order. A friend of mine wants me to make a box of all occasion cards for her mom, a woman with 5 children and 13 (or is it 14?) grandchildren. That's gonna be a HUGE order. Can I get a 'what, what?'? I'm really excited, actually. And the cards turned out beautiful too, not a drop of ink on them.

Speaking of ink. Staz-On is awesome, yes? I have it in 2 colors, dig it for watercoloring my Rachelle Anne Miller Stamps. Won't come off my Rachelle Anne Miller Stamps. The ones manufactured by StampAvie. Stuck. On. UNremovable. I tried a rag, a toothbrush, soaking...I got nothin'...nothin' but a STILL black and icky stamp--they still stamp perfectly though.
(Any tips would be greatly appreciated.)

I'll be back tomorrow after I photograph the things I made tonight. May stretch 'em out for the whole week. Yes, I think I shall.

I'll be posting a PIF this week too, look for that.

Goodnight, y'all.


Stuart said...


Staz-On pretty much stays on clear clear stamps (no pun intended!)

If you try Clear Design Ultra Clean from Hero Arts just after using your stamp, you can usually clean it up near perfect.

If the Staz-on is left on for days, it won't come off even with the Ultra Clean though.

Hope that helps!


Lauri said...

I have the same problem...only with White Stazon on some clear stamps. I guess that is one of the downfalls of the clear stamps. I think I am finding a preference to rubber stamps over the clear for many reasons..including this one! Are you going to share your cards with us????

Michele Zwart said...

I bought some stuff at Dollar General called Awesome and it removes it! And it is only a buck! It's yellow and it is in a clear spray bottle. The writing on the bottle is red.

Melzie said...

I love SO-- but getting it off can be a pain in the butt. I've decided that I will just have tinted clear stamps- and teh rubber ones I can get more off, but I think it's just cause it's not clear. I can't see as well on it. :)

Danyelle Kessler said...

Ah yes, even waterbased inks in the darker shades will tint acrylic stamps and stain rubber too. I'd start with STAZON CLEANER....they make one of their own in any store where they sell the pads, including the SU! catalog. You can also try SIMPLE GREEN. Dilute it 50:50, cleans up stamps like a champ...there is some debate about whether it is good for stamps. My husband uses SIMPLE GREEN to clean rubber components on 40 million dollar is fine and any deterioration won't happen in your lifetime. I sometimes use a clorox bleach pen, but with all these methods I go back and use rubber stamp conditioner. I'm a smudger too, so now I ink more lightly because I'm kinda heavy handed on the pressing. Avoid rocking the stamp when you press to your paper and smudging is usually the result of too much inking. Your fabulous...I love you...get out of this rut and strut your stuff!

Danyelle Kessler said...

that would be you're fabulous...not only am I fat fingering the keys here, but I obviously cannot spell.