Who Rocks My Socks?

YOU DO!!! My readers and my customers and my inspiration bloggers! ALL. OF. YOU.

I've "met" so many wonderful ladies since I started this crazy crafting adventure--and it's really only been a couple months. I appreciate every comment, every tip & trick, every pat on the back, every snort and every giggle.

I was going to post up rules and a list, but instead I want all of you who read my blog, every single one of you, to take this badge and pass it on to 3 people who ROCK YOUR SOCKS--for any reason.

Pass it on to anyone who inspires you, makes you laugh or impresses the hell oughta you.

I want to post a special shout out to:

Jennifer at Cuppy Cake--my number one enabler

Dawn at My Favorite Things--her style leaves me squiffy


Danyelle at Hangnailz & Papercutz--she alwayz makez me smile!

**you MAY hotlink it from my storage or save it to upload for yourself**


Lizette said...

Love your banner ! I should get your help with my blog. You do fantastic work !
I like your signature too. Good job !

Danyelle Kessler said...

There she goes talking that tech geek talk again. I'm still learning how to use short-cut keys to cut and what in Elvis' name is hot linking? Sounds like I don't want to know.

Sarah said...

lol... this badge just cracks me up. I even found myself thinking about it last night while doing dishes. I'd love to link your blog on mine - let me know if you're cool with it!

And great choices on your recipients, btw!

Mel M. M. M. said...

YOU rock MY socks; You're so clever! :0) Thanks for sharing your talent, mel