Seriously, Where Have I Been?

I have no idea, but I haven't been creating. Sheesh.

We rearranged the computer situation, thus creating more room for my crafting corner.
We put my new counter height table, which I will be using for my cutting station, in my larger and more exciting crafting corner.

Also since I chatted at you last, I have ordered and received TONS of new paper (Cosmo Cricket, Making Memories AND a brand I can't remember with a big blue frog on the pad cover) and various and sundry stamps and stamping accessories. I also got myself a Silhouette, SOOO looking forward to playing with that bad boy. I ordered set 36A of the Copic Ciaos as well. They haven't arrived yet, but they have been shipped.

Can someone say "economic stimulus check"?

I'll be creating every stinkin' day that I can now, because rumor has it by July I'll be working. I KNOW I should be glad, but some small part of me wishes rumor were wrong. LOL

I'm off to water color some, and I have a ton of thank yous to make. I'll post some stuff tomorrow, ladies. Thanks for visiting. :)


HoneyD said...

I'm putting my order in now before you go back to work. I need to talk to you cuz I want to order 3 sets of 10 notecards for Christmas gifts. Yes, I am thinking that far in advance. I don't know if I want mixed stuff or "just a note" cards or what. I need to get together with you.

Instead of shopping we're going to the pool today. Stupid hot streak ~rme~ xxoo

Lauri said...

Wow! So much fun unpacking all your goodies!!! Can't wait to see what you create!!!

Danyelle Kessler said...

Economic Stimulus Check, WOOT there it is! I definetly stimulated the economy. I've done my part!