Crafter's Companion: Back By Popular Demand

Okay, only kind of.

As some of you may know, I left the Crafter's Companion Inspiration Team last Fall. I was feeling overwhelmed, I was missing deadlines...I was disappointing myself and people I cared about. So I resigned.

But it felt wrong.

Then in mid to late December, Taylor (she who is in charge of teams and other neat stuff at CCUS) asked me "So, you ready to come back yet?".

I said, "No, but ask me again in January."

She did, and here I am.

I love Taylor and Crafter's Companion. I'm very glad to have been invited back to the team. Thank you, my friend. <3 nbsp="" p="">
(words, so many words, i know)

I got a little crafty this weekend with the Louise set by Scruffy Little Cat for Crafter's Companion. I love these crazy, big-lashed divas! I added sequins and sparkle, of course. But I also added Sakura Black Glaze pen to her lashes, because, SERIOUSLY! 

Crafter's Companion Products:
hair-EB3, EB6, GB7, skin-FS4, FS6, FS7, FS9, background-BT2, BT4, BT5, eyes & perfume-BT2, BT4, shoes, flowers & sash-CT1, CT4, GB7, floor-EB3, EB5, EB6, EB7, lipstick, heart, lips, sentiment-BP1, BP3, BP4, BP5, pearls-EB1, blender, dress-IG1, IG2, blender


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Glad to see you back with CC! Great card, my friend! Hugs...