15 Days of Christmas Day 7 -- Linda's Gorgeous Ornament Wreath

Door bauble Wreath

Thanks for joining me for Day 7 of my 12 15 Days of Christmas. If you didn't notice, I've gotten a little behind in my schedule--this should, technically make Day 10. However, I've injured my neck somehow and crafting is kind of hard when you can't move your head. So, I put out a distress call over Twitter and my gorgeous friend, Linda from Papertracer offered to pinch hit for me today. Head on over to her blog to see how she made this beautiful and oh so simple wreath using AN ENORMOUS CABLE TIE! (While you're there, follow her, she makes beautiful things with an accent LOL) Love you for helping me out, Linda! <3 


Linda said...

LOL No worries mate! *said in terribly stereotypical Aussie accent*

You're most welcome beautiful girl!! Happy i could help :)


Leslie Hanna said...

LOVE this! (Thought I'd leave you a comment, too.) Feel better!!!!

Chari Moss said...

Oh too bad I just bought a new wreath this year, maybe I'll have to make a little one next year to hang in the house somewhere.