well, it is national sewing month

 which is purely a coincidence. i rearranged a little and set up my sewing machine and did some experiments. i've tried a few times in the past to sew on paper, but i was never very successful. i can sew on fabric, no problem...but i never could get anything to work out for me when it came to paper. but i set out to have patience, fiddle with the tension and do it until it worked. and i did.

when i was in college, studying theatre, my costume design and construction teacher told us to NEVER EFF WITH THE TENSION! well, you have to eff with the tension when you sew on paper. paper will break.

so, i sewed some cards with my new jolly by golly 12x12 paper kit (which i might love more than i love the 6x6 mini deck. i heart paper had the kits on sale the other day for an absolute steal, so i snapped one up. ) and some hero arts holiday greetings.

my pictures are hideous and inconsistent, i's late and dark and even though i have 30-leven lamps pointed at my cards, they still look weird and vignette-y.


i even took the time to make a legend of some of the stitches my machine does, with the correct settings. i'm feelin' pretty good about myself right now.



Barb said...

You SHOULD feel good! These card are all so cool! I love the first one with the different stitches, and how clever of you, to put them together with their settings for quick reference! Way to go, Mary! Good job sticking with it!

Jan said...

Great cards and I love the different stitching!

~amy~ said...

Oh boy...check out all that fun stitching!!!!!! haha...I'm like you, if I get a paper stack for a steal I love it that much more:)

Leslie Hanna said...

Love your cards! :)

Effin' with the tension is what I do worst. I think I quit sewing when I couldn't get it right (on fabric), but I have my 30+ yo Kenmore out on my counter to use it on cards, if only occasionally.

Serena said...

Great cards! Congrats on the stitching! I stick to faux stitching myself. I am lucky to be able to sew on a button :)