I'm a week late, but I'm here!

I've stampin' my business off, but I can't show you any of it yet. Yes, I have a secret; a big one. I'm giddy with want to tell you, but you'll just have to wait.

I did a few of the Splitcoast VSN challenges the other weekend, but my camera is being an asshole. I'll share a couple of those pictures with you, but be forewarned: they are teh suck.

Ok, so this is the only one that looked like a photo of a card, ha. I love these little critters from Doodle Factory.\\

This is my floral frog I use to prop my cards up from time to time, for photos. I was attempting to adjust the settings on my camera and I took some extreme closeups of this guy. I kind of love how they turned out, would look awesome blown up really really really big. Don't you think?

Have a great night, and I'll try to be back tomorrow with something else for you


Kelley Eubanks said...

Such a cute card! Very fun! I love your floral frog pic... way cool! I think it would look great blown up! I want one of those!! Heck.. I want one of everything!

Juls said...

he is such a cute little chap!! Love the colour combo and the embossed background!

Leslie Hanna said...

Cool pic of the card holder. Definitely suitable for framing!

Soooooo, my guess is you GOT ON A DT! So, didja?

Lauri said...

okay lady....what DT did you get on???? cute card!