My five year old starts Kindergarten in 1 week. I think I might throw up. I'm so ready and I'm so not ready all at once. Her? she's WAY ready! And I'm glad...when your five year old knows that Pluto is no longer a planet because it is too small, well, you've taught her all you can teach her. So that's what I've been up to for the past few days--school supplies and open houses and all that jazz.

I also decided to move my blog to wordpress and then decided to move it back. See, I guest blogged at Therapy In The Making for Blogathon '09 and I loved Colin's dashboard SO bad. However, I really feel at home with Blogger--having found the COMPOSE tab and all (even though I am now crafting this in HTML-old habits). SO, long story short, I'm not switchin' to Wordpress and now nobody can steal my blog name--ha, showed you!

I posted for Colin for 2 hours, so I had four posts to fill. I made four cards and I will be posting them in the next few days.

My friend Loretta, sweet as a peach she is, has nominated me for a very heart felt award. She made my day, in fact. (I also designed her blog graphics, one of my favorites ever!)

I'd like to nominate five ladies who I consider more than Pretend Stampin' Friends.

Jennifer Glitter
Leslie Hanna, THE Crooked Stamper
My Cuppy Cake
Lauri Ingram

These ladies all leave encouraging comments, offer advice and each of them are insanely talented artists.

The rules say that you have to nominate five friends of your own, so go do it!

Also, Y'ALL! This is my 200th post, I DID make it in July. Wow, I have alot of crap to talk about. Thanks to my readers, skimmers, lurkers and commenters, I do this all for you. (I crack myself up, I do)


Leslie Hanna said...

Aw, shucks. HEY, WAIT a minute! Are you $ucking up for my Spot The Mistake contest?!?!? :-)

Amd remember: The Compose tab is your friend. Altho I do hack the HTML myself pretty much every time. Never trust WYSIWYG.

Mary Dawn said...


Lauri said...

Hey thank you!!! and kindegarten...boy I feel old.....I remember when my daughter started she is 19 and in college and I still feel like she is 5 years old. oh boy, I think I need to cry....darn hormones! sucks being 51! but thank you !!

Allison said...

Love Leslie's "hack the HTML" comment...I do that all the time! Thanks for the badge chickadee!

Jennifer {jennifer-g} said...

Aww!! Thanks MD! Seriously, the Kindergardent thing, eek!! We start 4K this year which is daily but only for a couple of hours. They ride the bus though. :(

I so agree with the teaching, just yesterday DS #1 asked me, Mommy, what's 7+5. I told him it was 12....and he told me "you are correct, good job Mommy!".


Jennifer {jennifer-g} said...

Oh, I forgot to say HANG IN THERE!!!

Also, Kindergarden doesn't have a "T" on the end. It must be too early for me to be up and about or something.

Loretta Rodger said...

Oh you are so welcome Mary Dawn. I remember when both kids started kindergarden, had to take the day off work, my poor babies are growing up.

Fast forward many years and one is in the Air Force the other is about to start High School!

Aimee said...

You start school early! We still have another three weeks, then my kindergartener becomes a first-grader, and her sister will be a SENIOR. Where does it go? Enjoy every minute - it flies by. And I've done the Wordpress/Typepad/Wordpress/Blogger switcharoo these year. Wordpress is nice, but I really like blogger so far.

Jennifer Love said...

Awww..fanks dahlink! You know I don't put all that mess on my blog, but I'll come visit it on your blog. :D