I got my Papertrey Ink order in today, it was a biggie. I ordered 2 packs of kraft, because i've been running through it like water lately, a package of their 2008 perfect match color variety pack, some gorgeous sentiments and a package of vintage cream.

I was most excited about the chocolate colored vintage buttons. I was not happy with them at all, however.

Vintage Button Collection sort of implies to me that, well, you'll be receiving vintage buttons. Yes? And you do get some gorgeous buttons, but I expected more for $5; more vintage buttons and less b.u.m. equipment. There were also quite a few cracked, warped and chipped buttons in my bag. It was just a disappointment when you take into account the quality of PTI's paper and stamps.

I will order from PTI again, but probably not any buttons. I did have a void in my button stash, almost zero chocolate colored buttons, so I am set now, I just wish I had a few more fabulous buttons instead of so many with cracks, chips and words.

Do any of you have any PTI vintage buttons in your stash? What did you think about them?


Lauri said...

No Papertrey buttons here...I just bought some paper last year...I would definitely tell them you are not happy!

Leslie Hanna said...

No PTI buttons, here, either. I have mostly SU buttons (surprise), and I love each and everyone of them. I am a bit surprised about the quality of PTI's offering based on their usual quality. :-(

I have not placed my PTI order yet - been saving up so it justifies the shipping, you know. ... also cuts down on the stash. :-)

Susan Raihala said...

I have lots of PTI buttons...mainly 'cause I joined a button share run by Krystie Lee. I am mostly happy with them. When someone says "vintage," I sorta expect a few chips and dings, so that didn't bother me. I agree, though, that the ones with writing on them are not very appealing. It's a lot of buttons for five dollars, though, and I'll find uses for them all...eventually.

Laura said...

I've bought two of their mixed button collections and was pleased with both. One was a holiday mix, so included red, greens, whites, blues. The other was sort of a spring mix and while I like the colors fine, I seemed to have a much higher proportion of yellow in the mix than the other colors. Other that that, no complaints.