Omigosh, I have zero eyecandy tonight! I did go shopping today, I'll tell you about that!

I went to Big Lots (EYE NO, SHUT UP) and they had full spectrum lamps for under thirty bucks! Woot! So I got a desk lamp AND a floor lamp. I'm so stoked.

In a few weeks, I'm going to start listing a ton of cute vintage-y loot in my Etsy shop and I so needed great lighting for the pictures. Waiting for a clear sunny day...well, it just ain't happening down here. Too rainy!

PLUS, I'll actually be able to SEE what I'm doing in my sad little corner, The Crap Studio! LOL Maybe I should think of a new, The Well Lit Crap Studio!

Catch you guys tomorrow, I'll have my ATS Designer Challenge to show you!


Kelly said...

I love when you're perky! Also, The Well Lit Crap Studio - FTW!

Leslie Hanna said...

Well-lit crap studio! LOL!

I got my full-spectrum lamps at Big Lots, too! Two floor lamps and one table-top. Great prices!