I'm sorry to be so neglectful to my blog. But I have been doing things that are productive. (Aside from catching my bedroom alight; no paper was harmed in that incident, by the way.) I have rearranged my bedroom, switched to a smaller yet more comfortable bed and I have extended my stamping space. My husband doesn't even seem to mind, he's so good to me carrying the heavy stuff and all.

What was once a corner/nook is now much more. I have appropriated some storage that wasn't being used to its fullest and I am so much more comfortable in my Crap Studio.

Perhaps, if I get the damn ribbon sorted, I'll post photos tonight.


Leslie Hanna said...

Crap Studio! OMG, that is hysterical! Pics! We need pics!!!!

Dianna said...

Girl!! Everything is beautiful! You must email me, and get me caught up.