ATS Challenge #32 and some blah blah blah

I'm sorry you missed me yesterday. My children are both sick with asthma, Caitlin's first bout and Collin's third or so. We're (meaning MOMMY) doing breathing treatments every 4 hours around the clock. I also learned yesterday that one of the little girls in Collin's room at school is in the hospital with RSV. Our nurse said we're doing what needs to be done, as long as they are improving. The doctor made me promise to take away the stuffies...6 garbage bags have gone to Goodwill today. The kids were surprisingly okay letting them go--we explained that some other child will love them just as much.

The project I have today is another ATS challenge. I've found recently that I only craft when I have a purpose--challenges give me purpose, yes? Plus, they are challenging. Hee.

The paper I used for this teeny weeny bag-let is by American Crafts, the Metropolitan Collection. I just used the back side of two other papers to get the coordinating scallops. American Crafts always has matching solids on the backs of their papers. The paper flowers are also American Crafts. The punch is the MS double scallop...or as I have taken to calling it, the 'scalloped scallop'. The ribbon I purchased recently in Wal*Mart's sewing section; I only got 1 yard, fearing I'd not like it, and while I think it's awesome with this paper, it's synthetic and flimsy. The brads were in that BOX OF LOVE from Cuppy Cake. I used my 1/16th punch to make the holes in the light pink scalloped scallop.

I enjoyed this little project and even figured out a way to make my giant table top Fiskars do double duty...I'm feelin' pretty good about myself.

I'm off to craft some more, my sickies are napping together on the sweet.


leslie said...

Oh, how cute! (You were going for 'cute', right?)

Allison said...

Lovely...great DP!

mom/mrt said...

So sorry to hear my babies are sick! I didn't know they had bouts with asthema. If you wonder about South Caolina, that's where I am now. Guess you know that tho, huh? Luv ya, mom/mrt

Danyelle Kessler said...

Hope the babies are better. This bag is too cute!