A Tiny Makeover

Hey, girls! I made a slight change to my layout. I think it looks more finished now and I'm really happy with how it turned out. Thanks to Jennifer at Cuppycake for cheering me on into the wee hours while I did coding AND math!

Also, Here is another card I had made when I did that gaggle of cards for The Crooked Stamper's Challenge. However, I decided it was too masculine to rate ribbon, so this boy didn't make the cut. :)

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HoneyD said...

I like the new layout a lot. The colors are perfection and the scrolly stuff on the sides looks great.

Cindy Haffner said...

I like the layout tooo, Love the colors of your card.

Jennifer Love said...

No pink? No cupcakes? I'm disappointed. LOL!

Kristine said...

The layout looke super cool!
And the cards look fab;)

Jackie said...

Your card is very pretty and I really like your blog makeover. Bravo!

Heather the Mooselover said...

Great card! The texture is fantastic.