Something FABULOUS

i just found an ONLINE photo editing software! and it is free! PICNIK

i fiddled around a teensy bit, but you can add watermarks and you can edit your photos in tons of other ways too, very easy to use, woot

****editing it's not a download, it's an application you use from your's fabulous, if you have flickr you can use the 'edit photo' feature there and it's the free parts of picnik

*****another edit...i couldn't figger out what in the heck danyelle k was talkin' about, i'm all "what bow? what the hell?"....doh, it takes me for. frickin'. ever. to get a bow tied, i wish i could just leave them but they have to be cheerleader perfect, it's annoying


Jennifer Love said...

Wait. Is this easier/better than Photoshop? :D I luvs me some photoshop..and that other one...whatsitcalled? Corel something. It is easy....but it is for pay to download it.

Anyway....wewt for those with no photo editing software! heeee!

Heather said...

I use free software from which is for Windows and I really like that. But probably not as many features as yours.

Danyelle Kessler said...

Show off! Love that SWEET bow and your watermark.

Godelieve said...

Thanks for the tip ;)

Michele Zwart said...

OOhh...I'm interested in trying the program! Thanks for the link.