We all have icky colds, meh.

I painted a little today, but it all looks like ass!

Also, I PRE stamped some images the other night (mostly because I HATE the stamping part) and went to color one in with my Copics. DAMNIT. Color Box Pigment runs. Even after it has cured for 3 days. I'm pissed.

I've had better luck with that stinky ol' StazOn than anything else with my Copics.

I think I'll get some Brilliance Graphite Black with next week's 50 off from Michael's.

Have I babbled on about nothing, enough yet? Yes, I believe I have.

**cheryl! mine smells like almonds too, i just don't like it LOL


Oliver & Kelly said...

aww yeah, grumpy posting and shit that looks like ass. Now I'm feeling you!

Danyelle Kessler said...

I feel like ass. Oh, and the Brilliance ink can smudge a little, but it is definetly better than other pigment inks.

Heather said...

What a enabler!
What are you going to do with your prize? You seem to be on a winning streak!

thanks for the card- I love it!

cheryl said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who finds stamping can be a big fat mess at times. But my Stazon isn't stinky - it smells like almonds. I have no idea why.

{jill b} said...

Hey Dawn - you crack me up!
Try Marvy Matchables. It worked for me! Or a hybrid ink pad.

Good luck...don't want to much of your stuff looking like ass...ha ha ha haha !!!

{jill b}