Watercolor Wonder

I used my Michaels 50 off web coupon to buy a set of General's Kimberly water color pencils today. I also got some Staz-on and a water brush (coolest. thing. ever.).

I water colored a few things, but the problem is I don't own very many stamps besides my obscene collection of Michaels Buck Sets. I love them, don't get me wrong, but they are twee and simple.

My friend, Jennifer (her blog is Cuppy Cake), sent me a few stamped images when she first began to enable me in this obsession. But at the time, I wasn't interested in coloring images, I wasn't interested in stamps, I thought Hanna was kinda overrated. I'm so over that! Hanna, at least has arms, for cryin' out loud! (Jennifer will so know what I'm on about there, hee.)

So, I did some test images--of my favorite twee owl and the little kitten from the Michaels dollar bin. Then I graduated myself to possibly the most complex of the images that Jennifer shared with me.

This bouquet isn't perfect, but for a nearly first try I'm satisfied. I need new glasses and I want watercolor paper, but other than all that, I love how this turned out. My leaves FOR REAL got away from me--and I tried to cover it up, but it's still NOT BAD!


Jen Glover said...

Oh how fun! I want to try this too! Wow, it's contagious! :)

Mary Dawn said...

it IS contagious!!!

my husband is so happy that i'm happy he's not even complaining about the shopping LOL

i'm having so much fun learning all this stuff

Teresa said...

Beautiful coloring!!!

Jennifer said...

I'm SO happy that you're having fun with these! I'm gonna put together a bunch of images. You want some Hannas? Rileys? Hippy and Hoppy from Gina K? Punny Farm from MFT? heee! I'll send you a bunch. If you're gonna watercolour, I'll stamp them in Staz-On. (Yuck, messeh but I luv you so I'll do it. LOL!)

I LOVE what you did with that bouquet! That is a 70million year old SU! stamp and I still love it to bits and pieces. :D I usually color the bitty flowers poking out in purple coz I love purple. :D

Fweee! How fun!

I'm'll send to you some things. I gotta get a box going.

Why aren't you on MSN?

Jennifer said...

Oh and I TOTALLY understand the arms thing. Skeeves me out they do..those with no arms. heh

Anonymous said...
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Allison said...

That bouquet looks great. I would never have known it was your first try.