My Blog Candy Winners! and an Award or two...TWO

I've finally finished (almost finished) my blog candy banners, yay. (I also made watermarks and post signatures for the winners.)

Also, the strangest thing happened to me today! I was awarded this today, TWICE!!

From Danyelle "Who Loves You Baby" and Jennifer at Glitter In My Hair. I'm the one who's been cheered up, are you girls kidding me?

Since I was given this twice, I'm going to pass it on to 4 lovely bloggers.

Amber, because, well, she said I do great work. :)
Jennifer, my cuppy cake, so glad I found your ass.
Leslie, she cracks me up every time she posts.
Kristina, her style is so inspiring.


Kisa Peters said...

Great banners! You made those?? Oh, you are good!!

Mary Dawn said...

i made those! thanks for the compliment

Nardi said...

THe banners are fabulous. I'm sure the recipents will love them!

Elizabeth said...

Nice job on the banners. Does the person give you an idea of what they are looking for and you work from there? Curious. You also do watermarks?

Lori Barnett said...!! like....WOW!!! You for REAL made those!!! (picking my chin off the BASEMENT floor - and I don't have a basement!) Those are G-R-E-A-T. GET OUTTA HERE!!! THOSE ROCK!!! Lucky winners!!! :) I better stop cause I need to make dinner

Mary Dawn said...

thanks ladies!! i did make those...they each gave me a rough idea what they wanted and i came up with my interpretation

amber and lastel are already using their banners

and yes, i did watermarks and blog sigs for them as well

email if you're interested, i'm pretty cheap LOL

Jennifer said...

So pretties...I keep forgetting to use my watermarks. XD EYM DUM THO.