Just Some Random Stuff

I bought some crap today at Michaels. Of course. I got the children each a lap tray, they both tried to break them. I also got some open stock patterned papers and a water color pad. I got a package of sentiment stamps too, came in really handy already.

Which brings me to my next random, I made 8 cards tonight. A bit of a set for a friend's birthday. I'm afraid if i post it, she'll find it, so it will stay underwraps. They're pretty though, uh huh.

And finally, I'm running out of room in my corner! I actually kind of love that.


HoneyD said...


Mary Dawn said...

mm hmm...i knew you'd come pokin' around LOL

HoneyD said...

wheeeee!!! I'm the friend

and it's your fault - you told me how to use bloglines LOL now I never miss anything


Jennifer said...

Uhm. Yah. I dun b'leeve you made anything. I dun see no pictures. XD