Crop A Smile!

My CropADile came in today, woohoo!

My husband promptly stole it. LOL


Heather said...

So did your husband steal it to use- or to be a bully?

One day I looked all over for my Japanese paper drill and couldn't find it until my husband guiltily returned it- he had borrowed it to punch a new hole in his belt!

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Mary Dawn said...

no, he wants it to be his!!! i should have gotten the pink one LOL

he generously offered to keep it in his toolbox!

thanks for commenting on my blog, sometimes i feel like it doesn't see the light of day :/

MichelleO said...

This made me giggle... maybe because it is close to home. I got the pink and that is the only reason it is left in my craft stash..... otherwise it would be with his tools.

ElyBlair said...

Enjoy it! I love my CAD