An All New First Post

Hi. My name is Mary Dawn. This blog will record my journey into crafting.

I've crafted in some way all my life. I love to cook and I know how to sew; I've tried my hand at knitting and crochet and I'm not too shabby with an embroidery needle. My latest infatuation is with paper.

I will be posting the things I craft with paper or alter with paper on this blog. Many of the items I craft will be posted for sale in my Etsy shop. I've got to pay for my addiction one way or the other, right?

Please comment on my posts, especially if you know a better/easier technique or if you'd like to know what I used to make something with. I'll try to remember to include my "recipe" but I'll be honest, some of my paper and supplies have been hanging around her for a good long time or else some kind soul has sent me goody boxes and bags (Thank you Jennifer and Honey Donna).

Eventually I'll be adding an extensive blog roll--a list of all of the blogs, bloggers and projects from which I draw insiration. I'll also be listing friends who craft and friends who read me. There are other things in my sidebar you may feel the urge to click, please do so at every opportunity. :P

Thanks for visiting My Pink Mexico.

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